The Best Business Class Airlines Set For a Big Upgrade in 2020

We live in a world where not all Business Class Seats are actually Business Class at all...

The marketplace has become saturated with imitators; budget airlines that offer a Business Class upgrade, which is anything but.

Still, there are those airlines that do offer a genuine Business Class experience.

The best Business Class Airlines in the world continue to up their game.

We’re currently in a golden period of luxury flying. Many of the world’s finest airlines are upgrading their Business Class offers (both in terms of hardware, and their overall service). 

The likes of British Airways and Virgin Atlantic who once reinvented the Business Class ticket, have fallen behind other airlines in recent years --  the likes of Emirates, Singapore Airlines and Lufthansa. 

This will soon no longer be the case!

The Best Business Class Airlines are about to unveil (or recently have) a new wave of Business Class Seats, Services and Luxury Upgrades.

Here are seven that have caught our eye here at Elite Flight Concierge. We’re already working with our clients to reserve the best offers available, and after reading this article you may like to join them.


The Aircraft: Boeing 777X

Set to enter service in 2020, Lufthansa are on the verge of implementing a major Business Class upgrade for their new fleet. Already renowned for their superior customer service, Lufthansa are about to ensure their hardware matches.

Details are still coming out, but early signs point toward this fast becoming one of the best Business Class options to hit the market.

Standout Features:

  • Flatbed Seats (with a length of 86.6 inches // 220cm)
  • A cabin layout of 1-2-1 and 1-1-1
  • Ability to control the inflight entertainment system from your phone or tablet
  • Wireless Charging (for your smartphone, tablet or other accessories)
  • A removable tablet, which controls your inflight console, lighting and other features
  • Cabin windows that are 20% larger than previous aircraft

What We Love:

One of the stand-out features of Lufthansa's new Business Class is that all seats get direct access to the aisle. This is a massive improvement on the previous offer, as you now don’t need to worry about climbing over the person next to you.

There’s also a privacy screen, so although you don’t get an entire suite to yourself, it will feel like it. Privacy is always a demand when travelling Business Class, and Lufthansa have taken this on board.

Another feature we love is that passengers get to choose between having a seat with more desk-space or a longer flatbed. This is a great touch from Lufthansa, because on some flights you may need to work, whereas on others sleep is more important.

Travelling with Lufthansa in the future gives you the choice of what’s most important to you.


Overall first impressions are great, and we cannot wait to test-drive these new features ourselves. The Boeing 777X is set to become a big player in the air, and it’s good to see Lufthansa add to their fleet.

Travelling between New York and Germany is a popular route, and it seems this will soon become the obvious option for those who value their travels.

Couple these excellement upgrades with Lufthansa’s already exceptional service, and you have a winner.

Delta Airlines

The Aircraft: Airbus A350, Airbus A330-900neo, and Boeing 777s

In 2016, Delta became the first airline to announce it would introduce an all-suite business-class cabin, where each seat would have its own closing door. Since this time, these suites have been available on select routes, although you can expect a lot more in the coming years.

Moving forward, all of their Airbus A350 and A330-900neos will be fitted with the Delta One Suites, while they’re also upgrading their existing Boeing 777 fleet with these new features. 

Standout Features:

  • Closing Doors, transforming your Business Class Seat into a Business Class Suite
  • Fully reclining flatbed seats with memory foam cushions (21 inches wide, 81 inches long)
  • A cabin layout of 1-2-1
  • Five personal storage areas inside your Delta One Suite
  • 18-inch HD Touchscreen Monitors
  • Free 2ku wifi
  • Universal power outlets, and USB ports

What We Love:

The standout feature is the ability to close your door and create a private Business Class Suite. In our opinion, this is the future for Business Class Travel -- one we expect to see more of the best business class airlines following suit with.

It’s also great to see that Delta won’t only reserve these upgrades for their new fleet of aircraft, but strive to upgrade their existing ones, too. 

We also love how the cushion is made out of memory foam, which is an important feature when on a long-haul flight. Sleep is almost always important to our Business Class clients, and this seemingly small feature ensures a good night's sleep and a comfortable, refreshing flight.

Finally, the fast Wifi is a nice touch. It’s free, faster than you would expect on most airlines, and overall makes your entire journey much more productive -- which if you have emails to catch up on or a big presentation to prepare for, is a big deal.


Delta Airlines is a popular one, which covers a lot of routes. It’s been long overdue an upgrade, and this new Business Class Offer delivers -- and, In our opinion, one they’ve knocked out of the park.

From the spacious seats to the privacy on offer, and the overall service, dining and finer touches you come to expect from one of the best business class airlines around, their new Business Class Offer is one to take advantage of.

Qatar Airways

The Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER

When Qatar Airways launched their new Qsuite Business Class Service, they set a new standard in luxury travel. Jumping ahead of Delta by a few months, they were the first to launch a Business Class Suite with a closing door.

The closing door isn’t the only standout feature, though, and when you combine all this with Qatar’s renowned service, it’s become one of the finest ways to travel.

Standout Features:

  • Closing Doors, transforming your Business Class Seat into a Business Class Suite
  • Fully reclining flatbed seats (21.5 inches wide, 79 inches long)
  • A cabin layout of 1-2-1
  • Bespoke turndown service (for long haul flights)
  • 20-inch HD Touchscreen Monitors
  • All in one power and control centre (with several charting outlets)

What We Love:

If you’re looking for privacy, a Qsuite in one of the window aisles is what you’re after. It has a closing door that creates a private suite, separating you from the rest of the cabin.

However, if you’re travelling with colleagues or family, you may prefer one of the central Qsuites.

Side-by-side Qsuites can transform into a double, or even into a “quad” arrangement -- where paired rear and forward-facing center seats are connected by sliding the in-flight entertainment displays to the side.

As shown above, this is the ideal layout if travelling with colleagues or your family. Whether you wish to work and collaborate, or dine as a group, Qatar Airways have provided a truly social setting.

This is a somewhat unique twist, where most other airlines pursue the utmost in privacy. When flying with Qatar, you get the best of both worlds.

Another feature we love, is the ability to combine two Qsuites and create a double bed (shown below). This is a fantastic feature if travelling with your partner. It creates a truly spacious suite, which many airlines struggle to create for their First Class passengers, let alone their Business Class ones.


Overall, Qatar Airways has set a new standard with their Qsuites. Combined with their excellent entertainment centre, high quality service, fine dining and more… you’re guaranteed to travel in style.

Excellent for both business travellers and families, it’s an option to consider for your future travels. With more routes added, this is set to become one of the most popular ways to fly.

British Airways

The Aircraft: Airbus A350 and Boeing 777

Once considered the best business class airline -- and a true innovator of the skies -- British Airways have fallen behind other airlines in recent years. Their Business Class Seats have become outdated, but toward the end of 2019 all this changes.

Like Delta Airlines before them, British Airways have a new Club Suite set for their fleet. Several aircrafts will be fitted with these by the end of 2019, with many more lined up moving into 2020.

It’s an exciting advancement, and an upgrade that has the entire industry excited.

Standout Features:

  • Closing Doors, transforming your Business Class Seat into a Business Class Suite
  • Fully reclining flatbed seats (79 inches long)
  • A cabin layout of 1-2-1
  • Lots of storage space inside your Club Suite area
  • 17-inch HD Touchscreen Monitors
  • Fast wifi
  • Universal power outlets, and USB ports

What We Love:

As with Delta Airlines, the first standout feature to focus on is the closing doors. This creates a personal suite, which offers the complete privacy our Concierge Clients crave.

A huge aspect of travelling Business Class surrounds privacy. These new upgrades from BA provide that.

We also love the fact that each suite has direct access to the aisle. Again, this provides greater privacy and convenience, which is important whether you have work to do or some sleep to catch up on.


It’s great to see British Airways upgrade their Business Class service like this. As a long time innovator of the skies, they deserve to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the world’s other best business class airlines.

In recent years, they have fallen behind some. But with these new upgrades, they’re set to regain their spot amongst the elite.

Virgin Atlantic

The Aircraft: Airbus A350

Another innovator of the skies due an upgrade, Virgin Atlantic are about to level-up their Upper Class service. Renowned for their style and service, their business Class Hardware (ask: the seats) have fallen behind in recent years.

That’s set to change, with their A350 fleet getting a serious renovation; and the early signs are exciting to say the least.

Standout Features:

  • Fully reclining flatbed seats (20 inches wide, 82 inches long)
  • A cabin layout of 1-2-1
  • Lots of storage space inside your Club Suite area
  • 18.5-inch entertainment screen
  • Ability to control the entertainment centre via your Tablet or Phone
  • Fast wifi
  • Two USB ports and universal charging outlet

What We Love:

Although there’s no closing door, there is a “privacy” divider that allows you to escape from your fellow passengers. However, Virgin Atlantic have always encouraged and highlighted the power of socialising, so this “privacy” divider still allows for an element of connection with those around you.

This leads to another feature we love, “The Loft” area…

Virgin have done away with the bar, replacing it with a larger, more comfortable seating suite. 

Famed for its ‘Clubhouse’ lounges in airports like JFK and London Heathrow, Virgin have brought this style to the skies. 

There’s a large 32-inch HD TV in The Loft, charging outlets and lots of comfortable seats to network with your fellow passengers. This is an overlooked benefit of travelling Business Class.

After all, how often do you get chance to surround yourself with those in a similar job and space as yourself, with nothing to do but connect with one another for eight hours or more?


Overall, these new editions to Virgin Atlantic’s Upper Class offer is exciting. The service you get on the ground (in the Clubhouse) and in the sky has always stood out, and now, with these added benefits to your seating area -- and the new Loft area -- brings the entire experience up a notch.

Travelling with Virgin is always a memorable experience, and it’s set to improve.

The Best Business Class Airlines

With new aircrafts like the Airbus A350 and Boeing 777X hitting the skies, it’s allowed the best business class airlines to redefine --and once more, innovate -- their entire Business Class experience.

Some of these are already available, whereas others are coming soon.

Either way, the way you travel is about to improve massively. 

So, there’s no better time than now to schedule your next Business Class flight.

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More than this, we want to make the entire experience a more affordable one. 

At times, it can be difficult to justify the cost of travelling this way.

Yet as a busy business owner or high level executive, your time is precious.

  • You want access to world class lounges so you can work and recharge before their flight…
  • You expect a spacious and comfortable seat that lies fully flat, so you get a good night’s sleep…
  • You need a service to match all this, so you arrive at your destination refreshed…
  • You require a higher standard of service, dining and privacy on your flight…

Travelling Business Class (or First Class) is the only way. 

By scheduling your flight with us, we strive to save you upto 50% off a standard Business Class ticket.

We partner with some of the best business class airlines in the world, including those in this article. So before you book your next flight, speak to us -- we may be able to save you both money and time.

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