How To Make The Most Of Your Business Class Flight

Congratulations! You’ve booked your first Business Class flight with us, or maybe you’re a routine flyer at this level. Either way we have some tips for you to take advantage of all the luxuries this level of travel has to offer. Keep in mind that the Business Class experience is going to vary from airline to airline and airport to airport but these travel hacks will have you make the most of every opportunity afforded to you.

Let’s get started.

Chauffeur Service

It’s getting increasingly more difficult to find this business class travel perk, but certain airlines still offer it, especially on long haul flights and transfers. If your business class ticket includes an airport pick up and drop off, book it! It’s starting the business class traveling experience as early as possible. Should you be flying First Class through us, this luxury perk becomes almost always an option.

Skip The Early Lines

Airports take priority access pretty seriously and as a business class passenger, so should you. Don’t make the mistake of waiting in an economy baggage drop-off, security or immigration line. Having a ticket with a higher fare will usually allow you to breeze right by. On arrival at the airport, business class passengers can use dedicated business check-in desks which should keep waiting time to a minimum. Many airports also have a fast-track security lane for premium passengers. Make use of all the advantages your class offers you.

Business Class Lounge Access

Lounge access is available throughout your entire itinerary, so relax and head straight in as soon as you reach your layover stop. Regardless of how long your break may be, receptionists at the lounge do a good job of timing things out to guarantee you don’t miss your connection. So sit back and take full advantage of the all-inclusive drinks and a la carte options the lounge has to offer. The experience in these lounges can vary, the more premium airlines of Cathay or Etihad will wow you with full service dining rooms that rival the finest restaurants in town. But we suggest you don’t over indulge on anything just yet, the luxuries offered on our long haul flight partners should be enjoyed fully.

Priority Boarding

Once you’ve finally been able to pull yourself away from the beautiful lounge you’ve just experienced, you can take full advantage of again skipping the long plodding wait to be called to get comfortable in your seat. Luckily as a business class customer you get the opportunity to board first, settle in, and prepare yourself for the luxury journey ahead.

Know Your Seat

Prior to boarding we find it advantageous to know exactly what to expect when you get to your seat. While we strive to give you the best possible experience on every flight, there are differences in the configuration of business and first class, plane to plane and airline to airline. We will happily inform you of the layout of your seat but just as easily you can master the same thanks to

Travel Kits & In Flight Service

Swag bags aren’t limited to awards shows and children’s parties, your priority seating almost always will come with a complimentary travel kit meant to make your flight just that much more comfortable. The most standard kit we’ve come across will be filled with socks, ear plugs, high-end moisturizers and more than will likely meet you at your seat, but sometimes you have to ask for the pajamas and slippers. There are loads more little benefits to flying business class, ranging from unlimited high end alcohol and  quality full service meals, the ability to charge your electronic devices during the flight, free newspapers, magazines, Wi-Fi, and more.

Network Is Your Net Worth

While it might be tempting to enjoy the privacy of your pod for the duration of your flight, we personally are ceaseless workers, and when surrounded by similarly minded professionals it never hurts to strike up a conversation to kill the time and grow your personal network. You never know when you might meet a new potential client, investor, or acquaintance in which you can form a mutually beneficial working relationship. This could also be a routine trip for them and having a shared destination they could be chock full of advice on where to eat, where to drink, and what to see in your down time.

Stay In Touch

We pride ourselves in our exceptional customer service, the concierge with whom you book your flight will be readily available throughout your entire journey. Should you need recommendations on where to stay, where to eat, where to let loose, and where to network, we’ll assist you every step of the way.

All said, we know your journey will be a luxurious experience from start to finish and we’re happy to support you through the entire process. There are more tips and tricks to be found when we begin to focus on specific routes, airlines, and aircrafts, but this introductory travel hack checklist should get you on the right track whether it’s your first trip or you’re a frequent flyer. Keep an eye on our blog for in-depth reviews of your most frequent destinations as we guide you on how to make each trip perfectly unforgettable. Whoever said; “It isn’t about the journey, it’s about the destination” clearly didn’t fly first class with us.

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