Why Fly Business Or First Class?

With the ever increasing number of discount and no frills economy airlines, you’d think that the extravagant cabins of Business and First Class flights would be lightening amenities in order to lower prices and compete, however that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact it is actually getting increasingly less expensive to fly a premium route, and this new level of competition has put the pressure on airlines to make every experience special with in-flight treats such as included in-flight Wi-Fi and entertainment, gourmet meals, bottomless high end wines and spirits, unbelievably spacious seating, personal sleeping pods and much more.

So, you ask if flying first class is worth it? What can you expect from the latest business cabin? Just how much better is the experience relative to premium economy? Well, there’s a reason that First and Business Class are separated and boarded on their own (another fantastic perk) and that is to keep the luxury atmosphere you’ve paid for and to create mystery and intrigue for those yet to experience the truly best way to fly. We’re going to pull back that heavy curtain and give you a taste of what these condos in the sky have to offer.

As concierges we have an obligation to keep up to date with the constantly changing and improving composition of the airlines we work with. We personally fly the routes we offer and experience firsthand the amenities and luxuries that we in turn offer our clients, we do this to ensure that the seat you’ve booked exceeds every expectation. For example In Business Class, certain cabins have rear-facing seats, as well as ‘Honeymoon Pods’, where two Business Class seats are in proximity of each other, allowing two people travelling together to chat. Likewise, it’s important not to sit a single traveller who doesn’t want to be disturbed there. Understanding cabin configurations is essential in our business and imperative to servicing our clients properly.

Let’s tackle a few key differences in travel, starting with seating.


Economy. Also known as goodbye knees. Generally speaking, in economy class you’ll get a seat that takes you from point A to point B.

There are some slight variations however, the most noticeable in seat sizing and given leg room. Along with your seat, the amenities you should expect if you’re lucky and flying a mid to higher end airline may include power outlets, Wi-Fi, and some type of small TV screen.

Premium Economy. It goes by many different names on different airlines, Main Cabin Select, Air Travel Plus, World Travel Premium, but at the end of the day it’s all the same, it’s Economy with a couple of extras thrown in for experience.

You may have a small dedicated lounge at larger international airports, a marginally wider seat and either a separate cabin or segregated seating, slightly higher quality meals and possibly even complimentary drinks. Again this is a somewhat more comfortable method of reaching point A to point B.

Business. This is where the luxury experience begins, it’s been said that once you fly business you’ll never be able to enjoy a flight in economy again, we agree.

From a list it may be too difficult to see the benefits of Business over the best level Premium Economy has to offer, experiencing the luxuries first hand will make the differences immediately apparent. In face Business class has improved so drastically that a few airlines have begun to abandon first class seating entirely. To put it frankly: everything is better. From your airport lounge with unlimited complimentary food and drinks that has the atmosphere of a 5 star hotel, to pre-flight drinks in real crystal glasses, to gourmet meals served on proper china with real knives and forks, you feel as though you’re at a Michelin starred restaurant instead of a mechanical marvel 30,000 feet high.

Full flat-bed seats are the new standard for business seating with luxurious width and pitch. While some airlines are beginning to offer a chauffeur service to business flyers within a certain distance of airports other ultra-premium airlines are setting the bar higher, literally, never one to shy from excess, Emirates has an entire bar on board exclusively for business class passengers on their flagship A380 planes. The bar is a proper, semi-circular, fully-stocked bar, serving hot and cold snacks and all the cocktails you could manage.

What more could you want?

First Class. The epitome of luxury, once reserved solely for celebrities and the ultra-wealthy.

This holds true no longer, First Class is more accessible than ever before and while the cost of First Class relative to Business is definitely a step up, it is the pinnacle of the saying “You get what you pay for”. Take every perk we talked about for Business and smother it with a thick comforting layer of pure unadulterated luxury. Aside from the privacy and seat size, now keep in mind that first class flights don’t essentially have seats so much as personal individual suites.

The level of service is unparalleled from the moment you step into your airport, many airlines offering in-airport chauffeur service and baggage handling, no wait lines, incomparable luxury lounges that rival the finest bars and restaurants in every city they exist. The standard of every amenity you would experience at the Business level jumps wildly to exceed your every want.

First Class can’t be broken down to bullet points; it’s something that truly needs to be experienced.

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